Attention Shoulder Pain Sufferers! We have a Free Event For You

Get Back To Normal Without Medications, Injection & Surgery

Rotator Cuff Workshop is on September 28th, 2019

At 10:00 AM

Location: 43200 Dequindre Road, Ste. 109

Sterling Heights, Michigan 48314

Go To The Shoulder Pain & Rotator Cuff Workshop & Learn About:

  1. The Most Common Causes of Shoulder Pain & Rotator Cuff Injuries
  2. Mistakes Made by Shoulder Pain Sufferers that can lead to even further injury to shoulder & Rotator Cuff Muscles
  3. Best Ways to Prevent More Injuries to Shoulder and improve mobility

Who is this Workshop for?

Rotator Cuff Workshop is for people suffering from shoulder pain and rotator cuff injury and are looking to feel normal again and heal naturally without using medications, injections and avoid surgery.

Do you have pain with:

  • Reaching overhead?
  • Reaching to sides?
  • Holding the phone to your ear?
  • Pain with driving?
  • Getting Dressed?
  • Grooming your hair?
  • Opening a door?
  • Sleep ?
  • Do work around your house?
  • Lift something heavy?

If your answer is yes to any of these activities, this workshop is for you.

We only have 20 seats for the workshop. So, register for the workshop now & we will see you there!